11.9. – 28.11.2015 FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin Art Week

Works by Martin Creed, Marino Formenti, Rodney Graham, Christian Marclay, Stephen Prina,
Santiago Sierra, Heimo Zobernig a.o.

“During the 7-days-performance seven studies of communication and musicianship
I spent each day with a different person, in an intimate, daylong one-on-one from breakfast until the deep of the night.

The seven individuals were Stefan, Eva, Matze, Michael, Annika, Renè and Sabine:
an employee, a janitor, a printmaker, a cleaner, a fashion designer, a truck driver, a photographer.
None of them has ever been a musician.

They had only one thing in common: they were spending the whole day at the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in Lichtenberg,
a quite heterogeneous place where I was in residency, and which I wanted to reflect on also as a community.

It was a blind date: we didn’t know each other, nor I had heard them sing or make music.
They showed me their life and places, I played the piano, they tried to play or dance, we had food and drinks,
we talked a lot.

Protected and set free by the performance framework we developed a distinctive togetherness,
far beyond the norms that influence, tame, suffocate communication.

We tried to seriously question one-way-ness and separation in artistic discourse.

At the end of each day, with their complicity and fearlessness, I caught their voice singing on tape.


is based on the voice material I collected during those nights.

Seven loudspeakers are differently set up in seven different communicating rooms.

The German word game SELBER KÜNSTLER means something like: IT’S YOU THE F***ING ARTIST.

The visitor as ultimate artist shapes his/her own artwork by sitting, standing, laying on the floor
and by moving around among the seven rooms and spaces.

SELBER KÜNSTLER #1 – documentation by The Haubrok Foundation