Ann Liv Young and Marino Formenti
residency, durational performance, sherapy, one to one, final show, diss, battle

photo by Rania Moslam

2 BECOME 1 is the first-time collaboration between the equally feared and celebrated enfant terrible of the international performance scene, Ann Liv Young, and Marino Formenti, who has been called the “Glenn Gould of the 21st century”.

Both artists, although coming from very different realms, have two things in common: they are known for radically questioning their own lines of work, and they both seek a very intimate relationship with their audiences.

In the work they devise for BRUT in Vienna, they will get very close again to their audience.

For their 3-weeks-residency, they will work and live in a vacant premise in town: a temporary laboratory to meet and to face and to engage one person at the time.

photo by brut wien