A turning point for Marino Formenti was starting to include interactivity in performances,
to question real or supposed differences of background, culture, age, professionality,
expectations, ability, superiority, power.

OPEN HOUSE Hamburg (photo by Claudia Hohne)


For OPEN HOUSE (Musikfest Hamburg 2016, Philharmonie Hamburg) Marino Formenti lived two weeks long
in Club Haus 73 in Hamburg and invited everybody to come and join and play.

Classical, contemporary, electronic, rock, experimental, world musicians of every provenance and age
came together for two weeks of music and joined a final MUSIC PARTY.


For CS UNDERGROUND (Carinthischer Sommer 2018) Marino Formenti worked together with local musicians of different ages and skills for several weeks, attempting a musical communication at eye level with everybody.

The final music party CS UNDERGROUND was featuring them without exception – as well as German rap star MEGALOH, world music band dunkelbunt, drum legend Lukas König, DJ/composer Jorge Sanchez-Chiong a.o.

A ROOM WITHOUT WORDS, New York 2018, Columbia University


In 2018 Formenti was invited to talk about his projects as a Keynote Speaker at the International Transformative Learning Conference, hosted by Columbia University in New York City.

He conceived instead an interactive space he called A ROOM WITHOUT WORDS.
Only one rule was given: no words are exchanged.
Otherwise, everybody was allowed and invited to join and make music together.

The set up of the performative space was simple and clear: a piano, several music instruments, microphones, musical scores, drinks to help time become less straightforward and pragmatic, carpets, pillows and a comfortable setting to further break with the one-way-hierarchy and with an utilitarian idea of time.

call for OPEN HOUSE, Hamburg


For SONIC BORDERS, Marino’s aim was to try to face youngsters eye to eye, to compose and to interpretate covers together and to conceive together a final music party.

The project was carried through for the Austrian Festival Klavierfrühling Deutschlandsberg 2016, the young partners were High School students from the HLW-School in Deutschlandsberg, Styria.