house by Kyohei Sakaguchi for NOWHERE Berlin

In NOWHERE Marino Formenti lives, eats, sleeps and plays the piano for several weeks in one and the same space,
open to the public and on a 24/7 internet streaming.
Time, space, sound, togetherness are explored on a truly different scale.

People are invited to come and stay, to leave and come back, to listen, to ignore the pianist, to sleep, to read, to write
or draw, to lay down, to listen again, to come back the next day, to experience music and time in another way.

Works by J.S. Bach, J. Cage, L. Couperin, M. Formenti, G. Frescobaldi, F. El Atrache, B. Eno, J.J. Froberger, M. Feldman, Nirvana and/or others.
Live streaming 24/7.

performances @
Graz 2010, Steirischer Herbst (1 week)
Bregenz 2011, Bregenz Festival (1 week)
Berlin 2012, Berlin Festival (4 weeks) in a Zero Yen House by Kyohei Sakaguchi
Bologna 2012, Live Arts Week (12 days)
Bruxelles 2015, Performatik Festival (8 days)
Oslo 2016, Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival (6 days)
Montpellier 2016, HTH/CDN Montpellier (8 days)
Terni 2016, Terni Festival (8 days)
Lisboa 2017, BoCA – Biennale of Contemporary Arts (3 weeks) in a house by Ricardo Jacinto @ Gulbenkian Foundation
Buenos Aires 2017, Teatro Colón (1 week)
Milano 2018, Triennale/PianoCity (2 weeks)

New York 2019, TIME:SPANS (2 weeks)

NOWHERE @Live Arts Week Bologna 2012
music: Morton Feldman, For Bunita Marcus
NOWHERE @BoCa Lisboa, Gulbenkian Foundation 2017
building of the house by Ricardo Jacinto



“Formenti on Air” (TAZ)

“Pianoklänge in der Holzhütte” (NMZ)


video interview

photos by Luca Ghedini, Mariangela Loffredo a.o.