The 10 Best Recordings of 2015, New York Times
The 10 Best Performances of 2014, The New Yorker
Diapason d’Or, France, November 2015

Marino Formenti, Fully Engaged at NY Biennale
“The extent to which Liszt pointed the way to the future came through thrillingly in this

revelatory program, played with sensitivity and fervor.”
The New York Times, Anthony Tommasini

The event that encapsulated the whole
was a late-evening recital by the Italian pianist Marino Formenti,
a soft-spoken firebrand (…) held an intimate audience rapt and immobile for an unbroken 90 minutes”
The New York Magazine, Justin Davidson

“Once again Formenti dazzles, delights and confounds”
Forbes, Jens F. Laurson




F. Cerha, Slowakische Erinnerung n. 5
F. Liszt, Ungarisches Volkslied n. 5
F. Cerha, Slowakische Erinnerung n. 20
F. Liszt, Klavierstück n. 2
G. Kurtàg, …waiting for Susan…
F. Liszt, Bagatelle ohne Tonart
G. Ligeti, Touches Bloquèes (Ètudes)
G. Pesson, Speech of Clouds
F. Liszt, Michael Mosonyi’s Funeral
W. Rihm, Klavierstück n. 6
F. Liszt, Funérailles
W. Rihm, Klavierstück n. 7
F. Liszt, Il Penseroso
G. Ustwolskaya, Sonate n. 6

F. Liszt, Au Lac du Walenstadt
L. Berio, Wassermusik
F. Liszt, Wiegenlied
L. Berio, Brin
M. Feldman, Nature Piece no. 4
F. Liszt, En Rêve
G.Ligeti, En suspens
T. Murail, Cloches d’adieu, et un sourire
F. Liszt, Cloches du Soir
J. Adams, China Gates
F. Liszt, In festo transfigurationis Domini
K. Stockhausen, Aus “Klang”: Natürliche Dauern no. 5
F. Liszt, Resignation
S. Sciarrino, Polveri Laterali
F. Liszt, O Heilige Nacht
M. Feldman, Piano Piece (1964)


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New York Philharmonics Biennale – Lincoln Center New York
Wigmore Hall London
Philharmonie Hamburg
Aldeburgh Festival
Herrenhausen Hannover
March Foundation, Madrid
Festival Traiettorie Parma