“Probably the fair’s most cathartic work”
Art Basel, ARTFORUM, June 2013

ONE TO ONE is a 2-hours-long musical rendez-vous with one single person:
something between a mutual therapy, a very confidential interactive concert, an experiment in togetherness.

Pianist and visitor become gradually partners in the performance:
two guinea pigs in a lab, two children in a sand box.

Originally created for a collaboration with American artist Stephen Prina for Art Basel,
the utterly intimate set-up was later expanded up to a full-day-blind-date in
“seven studies of communication and musicianship” for the Haubrok Foundation in Berlin.

“One leaves the session exhilarated (…), that
the utopian reasons that lead us to invent art at all,
they can be real.

If we all could experience this more,
the world would be a better one indeed.”
Kronen Zeitung, 01/10/2014

“The experiment about intimity and togetherness,
about breaking with the concert conventions
is definitively accomplished, or more:
is dazzlingly achieved”.
Salzburger Nachrichten, 20 Oct 2014

“No, Marino Formenti is not Claudio Arrau or Sviatoslav Richter, but
he plays in a strongly personal, idiosyncratic manner,
just like them.

His repertoire is so vast and varied that
it hardly posed a practical limit on One to One.
He had schlepped a truckload
of sheet music from his own library
to his temporary cave in Villa Wickenburg,
and yet played many of them by heart”.
Culturebot, 10 Dec 2014

As the ORF television team asked Formenti to record a ONE TO ONE session, he instead played a little with the whole team
(ORF, Kulturmontag, Barbara Pichler)

performances @
Art Basel 2013 (in a set up by Stephen Prina)
Graz 2014, Steirischer Herbst
Berlin 2015, Berlin Art Week, Haubrock Foundation
Buenos Aires 2017, Teatro Colón
MEC Los Angeles 2019

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