yves klein, leap into the void, 1960

“Marino Formenti and a Startling Piano Recital to Die for”
“It was not the first time the Marino Formenti
seemed to stage his own death
at the keyboard. (…) He’s been admired as much for
working himself into a hallucinatory trance
as he has for playing with
pouncing violence and sublime tenderness.
This time, for a draining Monday Evening Concerts recital,

though, Formenti finally
let the cat out of the bag (…)”
Los Angeles Times, Mark Swed, 13 Feb 2019


girolamo frescobaldi (1583), toccata seconda from “il secondo libro di toccate”
salvatore sciarrino (1947), polveri laterali
girolamo frescobaldi (1583), ancidetemi pur (do kill me) d’archadelt, passaggiato
salvatore sciarrino (1947), notturno no. 1
jean-henri d’anglebert (1629), prélude non mesurè in c
salvatore sciarrino (1947), notturno no. 4
johann jakob froberger (1616), plainte pour faire passer la melancholie
salvatore sciarrino (1947), notturno crudele no. 1
johann jakob froberger (1616), tombeau de mr. blancrocher
salvatore sciarrino (1947), notturno crudele no. 2
louis couperin (1626), prélude non mesurè in e

johann sebastian bach (1685), adagio from the concerto no. 3 by benedetto marcello BVW 974
morton feldman (1926), piano piece for philip guston
johann sebastian bach (1685), adagio from the violin sonata BVW 964
morton feldman (1926), nature piece no. 2, 4
johann sebastian bach (1685), air from the partita e minor BVW 830
jean barraqué (1928), fragment
johann sebastian bach (1685), bourrèe from the english suite a-minor BWV 807
louis clerambault (1676), fort tendrement (very tenderly)
gaspard le roux (1660), prélude non mesurè in g
galina ustwolskaja (1919), sonata no. 6
johann jakob froberger (1616), meditation sur ma mort (meditation upon my death)
john cage (1912), aslsp no. 8

giovanni lorenzo bernini, estasi di santa teresa, 1592