in collaboration with Jaqueline Kornmüller/wenn es so weit ist

For the Nationalfeiertag, the Austrian National Holiday on October 26 2016, Marino Formenti was invited
to perform as a soloist in the Parliament of Austria.

He wrote instead an email to everybody he knew, and invited to join him and play with or without him.

The Festhalle was transformed into a Diwan, with carpets, a piano, drumset and percussions, electric guitars
and other instruments.

A Chinese tourist left the camera aside, sang songs from his childhood.
A German executive put quickly together an improvised choir to sing Beethoven’s Ninth.
Hotshots and amateurs from everywhere came by with their instruments.

ICH ODER WIR @ Austrian Parliament, Nationalfeiertag 2016
IN HERZEN DER DEMOKRATIE with Jacqueline Kornmüller