is a sound installation for a collaboration with Austrian artist Florian Pumhösl.

The film and sound installation EXPRESSIVER RHYTHMUS is based on the idea of using
an abstract image as the starting point for a film.

Florian Pumhösl refers to Alexander Rodchenko’s 1942 gouache Expressive Rhythm,
which shockingly anticipates Jackson Pollock’s style of painting and represents an unique link
between gestural abstraction, automation, trauma.

Formenti put himself on the edge between abstraction and expressivity during a long series of night recordings.

He based his work entirely on a XXth-Century reference too, and took and morphed
only material from works by Charles Ives, from the Concorde Sonata and his Piano Studies.

The composition was developed further, as a sheer musical work, as an “home installation”
for the label Col Legno/MUMOK Edition.

seen @ MUMOK Wien 2011, Art Basel a.o.

So eine Musik, so was gehört doch verboten!
Das ist doch, das ist doch… radikal ist das! (…)

Eine derart
ungeschwätzige Effizienz,
ein derart fieses Stück eleganter Melancholie
war schon lange nicht mehr zu hören.

Mehr als nur Musik – ein mentaler Zustand.
Ein Meisterwerk, definitiv.


Such a music should be definitively forbidden!
That’s, that’s… radical! (…)

Such laconic efficiency,

such a nasty piece of elegant melancholy
wasn’s heard since long time (…)
That’s more than just music – that’s a mental state.
A masterpiece, definitely.