In 2018 Festival Wien Modern director Bernhard Günther asked Marino Formenti how he would feel about
performing music by John Cage in different coffee-houses in Vienna.

In fact, John Cage’s music seemed predestined to this adventure:
His ideas about noise and environment are very well-known, as well as his views on the relationship to the listener and, last but not least, his thoughts about time.

Marino played five performances on five different days in five different Kaffehäuser in Vienna:
Café Ritter, Café Zweistern, Fray Mayer, Ungargrill and Café Prückl.

The environments were carefully chosen out of more than 50 places, in order to create a combination of environments to be as varied and exemplary as possible.

The length of the performances went from 2 to 6 hours non-stop.


Dream (1948)
Winter Music für 1 bis 20 Klaviere (1957)
ASLSP / As Slow As Possible (1985)
One (1987)
One(5) (1990)
Music for Carillon Nr. 2 (1954)
Music for Carillon Nr. 3 (1954)
One (2) (1989)