declinations of madness craziness insanity psychopathy delirium lunacy psychosis disorder derangement unsoundness schizophrenia neurosis phobia dementia defiance bliss glee ecstasy exultation elation exaltation exhilaration intoxication rapture mania violence absurdity frenzy fatuity foolishness obsessiveness headlessness foolhardiness idiocy imbecillity stupidity triviality fatuity daftness dottiness aberration agitation blow burst conniption convulsion distemper furor fever fury hysteria bipolarity breakdown compulsion deviation neurasthenia phobia paroxysm spasm enthusiasm outcry cretinism asininity imbecility rabidity depression senselessness tomfoolery absurdity babble gibberish hogwash jazz mumbo jumbo palaver rubbish silliness thoughtlessness trash tripe irrationality mistake nonsense hallucination illusion

Robert Schumann

Marino Formenti, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong
MAD BOB (2017-2018) (45’-90’)
composition, improvisation, interpretation for piano and electronics (computer, turntables)

based on musical material by Robert Schumann:
the Bride Book RSA VII,3,3,2
the Sketch Books RSA VII,3,1

we’d appreciate it
if dead composers could turn themselves in their grave
for one of the reasons above

ORF, Ö1, Zeitton 3. 5. 2018 – (min. 20’30” MAD BOB)